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We provide free quoting for your plumbing job, as well as expert advice on any areas you need help with. We ensure the pricing we give you will bring you the finest and most contemporary plumbing work available at the most affordable price.




Once the work for your plumbing job takes place, our team at Low Cost Plumbing will be in regular contact with you throughout the process to ensure that you keep updated on how the job is progressing. We use only the most experienced plumbers to ensure that your plumbing job is delivered and ready on time and without any problems.



Once your plumbing job has been completed we will then carry out inspections so that your plumbing is in a fully working state for you to use straight away. As part of the installation process we then offer you an extensive post installation service to demonstrate to you how every element of your plumbing works and the benefits that it offers. As part of this after sale service we also ensure that if you ever have a problem we are directly at hand to resolve it for you.

Services List

  • Leak detection
  • Removal of damaged/leaking pipes, geysers, pressure valves, drip trays, overflow pipes
  • Cleaning/clearing of all blocked waste pipes and drains
  • Installation of new tubing for toilets, basins, baths, showers and geysers
  • Fitting of new hot and cold taps,  mixers (basin, bath, shower), toilet angle valves, under tile stop taps (w/m, d/w), and geyser stop cocks
  • Installation of new baths, basins, toilets, showers (including shower doors)
  • Installation of external drainage (including new design)
  • Installation of new high pressure geysers (including solar geysers and panels)
  • Design of newbathrooms (including construction of new rooms for family, guest and en-suite bathrooms)
  • Tiling of walls and floors


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